We’re here, we’re there, we’re EVERYWHERE! We’re Park Hoppers on Parade!

We are Molly, Krysta & Jessica, three Disney loving sister-cousins who want to share our love of Disney with the world!  Park Hoppers on Parade started as a creative outlet for Molly and a way for her to expand her design portfolio. With the initial idea brewing she quickly brought aboard her two cousins Krysta & Jessica (who are sisters) to help out! Together with each of our unique talents, interests, styles and dreams we created Park Hoppers on Parade!


We are inspired by all things Disney and Disney Parks and we saw an opportunity to start creating the items we wished were available to us to celebrate that love! We grew up in a Disney- obsessed family and we have been going to the parks together since we can remember. Constantly building a collection of inside Disney jokes from our family vacations to the parks, in 2008 we (along with Molly’s sister Maggie, honorary Park Hopper) started the family tradition of making homemade matching tacky tourists shirts to share those jokes.  They always seemed to level up every year in creativeness and tackiness. Now we are looking to take our stories and talents into the big leagues by sharing our ideas with you!


Our goal is to make this much more than an apparel store, we want Park Hoppers on Parade to be a one-stop shop for Disney and park inspired FUN! With “freebies” we want people to experience even more Disney magic in and outside the parks! Download wallpapers, bucket-lists and playlists to spread that magical Disney feeling all around and be on the look out for even more wonderful awesomeness to come! We’ve packed up our suitcases with ideas and dreams and we are excited to see where this road takes us! There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow and tomorrow is just a dream away!




Meet the Hoppers!

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